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Return Policy

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Return and exchange application instructions

Applicable objects: Customers who purchase online at Oracle Coffee and enjoy a 7-day waiting period in accordance with Article 19, Paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Law (hereinafter referred to as the Consumer Protection Law).


Consumers enjoy the [Seven-Day Appreciation Period] on the next day after receiving the product.

The company's products belong to the food category, and the appreciation period is not the trial period. The goods must be new and unopened, and the packaging can be completed before the return, exchange and refund can be processed.

Returns and refunds cannot be accepted if the product has been opened.

1. Return and exchange service within 7 days for defective goods or delivery error, if it exceeds 7 days, no return, exchange or refund service will be accepted.

﹥Definition of defective goods: The goods are not completely sealed, the packaging is damaged due to the delivery process, and the delivery is wrong.

﹥If there is a wrong product delivery or a defective product, please take a photo on the day of receipt, and fill in and submit the return or exchange application form within 7 days.

2. If there is an error in the delivery of the product, please keep the product intact without any signs of unpacking.

﹥ Please keep the goods in new condition, and ensure that there is no omission of the main goods and gifts, and return them together with the original packaging.

3. Please fill in the required items in the return and exchange application form . When we receive your return application, we will immediately confirm with you about the return.

4. After the return request is approved, we will arrange the shipping company to pick up the goods at the delivery address you filled in, and the logistics cost will be borne by Oracle Coffee.

5. The used discount is no longer valid after the checkout is completed, and the discount cannot be retrieved after the return application is established. Please forgive me.

6. When you submit the return and exchange application form, it means that you agree to our return and exchange principles, and accept that we will handle the cancellation of the order and related follow-up matters.



In the event that a return cannot be processed

   It has exceeded the 7-day appreciation period, and cannot be returned or exchanged.

   If any item in the order to be returned has been opened and used (for example, the coffee bean bag has been torn, the packaging has been damaged), it cannot be returned.

  If the content of the returned product does not match the content of the order (including gifts), your return rights will be affected.

   The original invoice document is missing.

   Angry cannot handle the return or exchange of the product due to the consumer's artificial damage or the wrong order.

   If you return the product yourself without prior notice at the time of return, it will not be accepted.

Refund instructions

1. The refund procedure can only be carried out after the application for return and the return of the product is successfully reviewed by Oracle Coffee.

2. If you pay with a credit card, the returned goods will be refunded online after the staff confirms that the quantity of the goods is correct. The actual date of receipt of the refund will vary according to the date of receipt of the credit card issued by each card issuing bank, please contact us. The card-issuing bank confirms the actual credit date.

3. If you use other payment methods, please provide the correct remittance account in order to complete the refund procedure; the refund account must be in the same name as the orderer, and we will not accept refunds to other people's accounts.

4. After confirming that it meets our refund standards and the information is correct, we will refund the money to your account within 10 days (excluding holidays).

5. If the refunded order uses the shopping credit, the shopping credit cannot be refunded after the return.


When a refund cannot be processed

1. If the remittance account information is incorrect or does not match the orderer's information, the refund will not be processed.

2. Within 10 working days after submitting the return and exchange application form , if there are obvious problems with filling in the information but we cannot contact you, or the goods cannot be returned and cannot complete the return operation, we will cancel your application.

3. If the freight company is arranged to pick up the goods, if the freight personnel cannot successfully collect the goods after 3 visits, your application will be cancelled, please forgive me.



If you have read and agree with the above items, then send the order form.

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